Why Stethoscover Is Needed


The average rate of stethoscopes that are contaminated with bacteria.

$10k - $30k

The range of non-reimbursable per bed/per year cost of managing healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).


Percentage of stethoscope cleaning that conforms with CDC guidelines.

Commonly referred to as the clinician’s “third hand”, the stethoscope is a regular healthcare tool used in everyday practice. In fact, the stethoscope is used more than 5.5 billion times per year in the United States!

Unfortunately, contemporary studies reveal that healthcare providers oftentimes fail to sterilize their stethoscope prior to examining a patient. These stethoscopes can serve as a dangerous vector of pathogen transmission. Failure to properly sterilize the stethoscope can result in bacteria being transferred from the stethoscope to the patient’s skin, which can lead to infection.

While infection control measures are often taken for various other medical products that touch and infect patients, there are limited infection protection options for the stethoscope found in the market. Stethoscover was created with the patient and clinician in mind to aid with stethoscope hygiene. We envision the stethoscover as a fixture in the care setting as an added layer of infection control.