Mask Your Scope. Stop Infection.

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Stethoscover, albeit a simple product, is a game-changer for the medical industry. I have not only told my other colleagues about it; I have had patients tell me, “I wish all my doctors used this".

Dr. Rohit Executive Director, New York Health

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  • Hygienic barrier to reduce cross-contamination

  • Automated dispenser

  • Covers the entire diaphragm and a portion of the tubing

  • No acoustic interference

To apply these easy-to-use stethoscope covers, just tap-n-go!

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The tap-n-go stethoscope cover acts as a barrier between the stethoscope and the patient to help prevent the transfer of infection.


Developed by doctors

Created with the patient and clinician in mind, Stethoscover is practical to deploy and ensures an efficient clinical workflow.


Touchless application makes patient protection quick and easy. The disposable stethoscover applies directly to the diaphragm of the stethoscope.

Reduces cross-contamination

Stethoscover enhances patient safety by helping to lower the risk of contamination and infection.

Protect before you infect!

Enhanced patient safety with a simple solution for healthcare professionals to improve stethoscope hygiene.

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