By Clinicians, For Clinicians

Stethoscover™ is the brainchild of an internal medicine physician, Dr. Kenneth Fishberger. Dr. Fishberger knew that the current practice of cleaning one’s stethoscope was ineffective and highly underutilized. He spent years researching bacterial presence on stethoscopes, which led to the development of a quick and effortless protective stethoscope barrier designed to ensure that it would not interfere with a clinician’s normal workflow process.

Stethoscover™ is a patient-focused, clinician-based company committed to practicality and safety. The company’s leadership includes a seasoned team of physicians dedicated to bringing the most innovative and cost effective product to the market to help protect patients from contamination and infection.

Dr. Kenneth Fishberger, Founder

I developed Stethoscover with one mission in mind: to protect patients at all costs from exposure to harmful pathogens located on the stethoscope diaphragm. Stethoscover addresses the widespread gap in stethoscope hygiene practices.

Dr. Fishberger Founder, Stethoscover